Noam Dover and Amit Drori

‘Degrees of Freedom’ is a series of robotic bowls made in plywood, plastic, flexi-glass, aluminum, ceramics, mechanical elements, electronic components and digital programming. The technologies of production include 3d printing , CNC milling, laser cutting and slip casting, all combined with the robotics technological elements through hand made craft. The series present an encounter between low-tech robotic systems with high-tech production. Each robotic bowl moves and interacts with its users, designed to express a distinct character; a certain mood; an emotional state; and a specific way of communication. The series is part of a developing visual language where the qualities of hand made crafts clash with digital technologies. Contemporary technology is used in a crafty attitude: PCBs , motors, sensors and batteries are all exposed and define the visual style, which we like to call ‘craft-robotics’. This visual style has evolved in close correspondence with the present-time hacker culture, which we regard to as a grassroots reaction to the capitalist production systems. The bowls are crafted and programmed using open source technology (both hardware and software) and thus reflect our desire to claim the possibility of creating robotic technological objects.