Commissioned for 'Concrete, Bulimia', exhibited in Benyamini Center and curated by Tali Tamir.

A full porcelain set was bought on ebay and re-casted in concrete.

From the exhibitions’ press release:
“The exhibition investigates the increased use of basic building materials – cement and concrete – as materials used in sculpture and painting in art in Israel over the last decade... Concrete, Bulimia focuses on the cumulative process of concretization, of sealing and hardening; of the insatiable appetite and passion for concrete, the appropriate Zionist solution to every offence and threat. The exhibition touches on the cumulative build up that protection, shelter and walls create and the views the pain of the mounds of crushed concrete after the wars and the black clouds of dust the raise before our eyes.
The works in the exhibition refer to the clotted world, saturated with cement and concrete that appear in the drawings, the foliage, the pleats of our clothes, the folds in the body, the wrung rags, benches, cupboards, tiles, fires and utensils: a concrete membrane, a grey hard skin that envelops our emotional, political and cultural lives…” -Tali Tamir, Curator.

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